All-in-1 Multisliper, SHARPAL

349,00 kr

SHARPAL 103N All-In-1 Knife, Pruner, Axe & Tool Sharpener is the most versatile sharpener in the market! The sharpener features 3 sharpening slots of preset optimal sharpening angle, one carbide bar, and one ceramic bar to restore and hone all sorts of knives, garden implements, scissors, tools edge, etc. Use it for touching up your pocket knives, scissors or poultry shears. Out in the garden you can restore a good edge to axes, pruners, hedge shears, loppers, hoes, spades, scythes, machetes etc. Sharpen chisels, scrapers and other professional tools in your workshop. It comes with large handle to allow for use with gloves and oversized safety hand guard. Rubber over-molded handle and base provide secure and comfortable grip.

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