Animal Gallery NRA 22. Resetting Target

Artikkelnr.: BC47024

Selvanviser for kaliber .22LR Skyt, skyt og skyt !

PrisNOK995,00 inkl. mva.


  • Meets NRA Standards at 40 Meters
  • Ram, Turkey, Boar and Chicken Targets
  • Auto reset, no walking, no cords
  • Durable, solid steel construction
  • Innovative twist design, no welds to break
  • .22 Rimfire Rifles and .22 Handguns

Shoot. Reset. Shot again. No problem! This version of the Gallery Resetting Target includes animal silhouettes. Perfect for .22 rimfire rifles and handguns, each animal silhouette is proportionally sized to meet the standards of NRA shooting distances at 40 meters.

World of Targets Specifications: Each target is a solid 3/16" thick (3/8" on the magnums) hung from a durable, welded steel frame to provide years of trouble-free practice. All targets include high visibility Target Spots® Targets. Portable and easy-to-use spinning targets mean no more knocked down targets to set-up. A foot rest makes it easy to pu