EdgeCraft 12″ Diamant Knivstål, Chef`sChoice

299,00 kr

Available in three lengths, the Chef’sChoice® EdgeCrafter® Diamond Sharpening Steel Model 416 is the world’s most advanced sharpening steel!

Oval-shaped, coated with 100% ultra-fine diamond abrasives
Simultaneously steels, hones and realigns the knife edge
Light and perfectly balanced
Easy grip, non-slip textured handle
Available in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch.

This oval shaped steel, coated with the highly-acclaimed Chef’sChoice® ultra-fine 100% diamond abrasives, simultaneously lightly hones as it realigns the knife edge for added sharpness. Its oval shape allows for a greater contact area between the knife and the diamond sharpening area.

The Chef’sChoice Model 416 sharpening steel is lightly and perfectly balanced, and features an easy-grip textured handle for a secure and comfortable non-slip grip. It may be used right- or left-handed. Available in three lengths: 8?, 10? and 12?. Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.

How It Works: The coating of ultra-fine diamond crystals mildly hone the knife while it is being steeled. The number of diamond crystals and their size have been carefully adjusted to optimize the relative amount of honing and edge straightening that occurs when the Diamond Sharpening Steel is properly used. Conventional steels do not hone but merely restraighten the cutting edge.

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