Hawk-Eye Linserenssett for all optikk og briller, Pro-Shot

599,00 kr

Nanotech linserens og antidogg m/tilbehør i sett med praktisk veske! Meget bra sett!

Lens Cleaning Kit:

Pro-Shot Nano-Tech Lens Cleaning & Maintenance System is Excellent for All Optics, Rangefinders, Infrared/Night Vision Devices, Laser Sighting Devices, Protective Eyewear, Face Shields, Binoculars, & Cameras!

Lens/Optic System Includes:

Compact Black Dual Zipper Modular Case
1 Qty. 0.5 fl. oz. Pro-Shot Mil-Spec Nano-tech Lens Cleaning Anti-Fog Solution
1 Pack of 3″ Double-Ended, Lint-Free, Pointed Cotton Swabs
1 Pack of 3″ Small Microfiber Swabs
1 Lens Brush
1 Microfiber Cloth
1 Pack Pro-Shot Mil-Spec Matchbox Lens Cleaning Tissues (25 Qty., 3.5″ x 3.875″)
Made in USA
Pro-Shot Nano-Tech Lens Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, not only cleans, but protects and enhances the function of your gear.


Mil-Spec Formula- Safe for All Glass and Plastic Surfaces
Excellent in extreme cold/hot weather conditions
Non-toxic & Biodegradable Solution
Ammonia & Silicone free
Water Dispersing
Dust Repellent
Long-Lasting Streak-Free Anti-Fog Prevention
0.5 fl. oz. Spray Pump Bottle for Convenient Easy Storage
Made in USA

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