Joggebelte m/3 lommer og Strikk Blå, Doogy!

495,00 kr

Blue Jogging Belt and lead:

Jogging belt to run with your dog. Made up of 2 parts: belt + leash

Contains 3 pockets – Adjustable elastic waistband and straps.

Belt size: 63 to 122 cm x 38 mm

Lead size: 124 to 154 cm x 25 mm

Features and Benefits:

Jogging belt for running with your dog

Composed of 2 parts: belt + leash.

Breathable mesh padding

Perfect for lumbar support during the run

Contains 3 pockets:

One for a bottle of water

One for the phone

One for keys, snacks, poop bags: This last pocket is equipped with a poop bag dispenser so that you can retrieve them easily.

The leash has a padded handle made of breathable mesh.

Chrome-plated metal buckle.

Adjustable belt. Adjustable elastic straps.

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