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Product Name:
Automatic Pet Nail Grinder

Product Number:

USB port,5V 1000mA(optional)

Rechargeable Cable:
Micro USB cable

Rechargeable Battery:
3.7V 2000Ma

Battery Type:
18650 Lithium Battery

Charging time:
About 3.5 hours

Cordless Using Time:
About 10 hours

Rotating Speed:
4500-7500±10%RPM adjustable

Max. Torgue:

Product Size/NET Weight:
ø3.3X16cm/ 160g/pc

Giftbox Size/G.W.:
18.5*8*4CM/ 230g/pc


1. Suitable for a variety of pets (with a safety cover, choose the right nail according to the size of the pet)

2. Professional replaceable grinding wheel (thick, removable and washable, replaceable)

3. Low noise design (control noise below 30db)

4. Ergonomic design, refers to the position of silicone shock absorption, feel good (finger does not hurt when used for a long time)

5. Promise speed control (carefully polished love pet nails) switch function:

One :Adjust the rotary switch and turn the force to the left to adjust from small to large. Two:Adjust the rotary switch and adjust the force to the right to adjust from large to small. 6. USB charging, 3 hours full (DC 5V 1000mA)

7. Long use time after full charge (working time is about 10 hours)

Charging method
1. Make sure the rotary switch on the product is turned to the OFF position;

2. Insert the Micro USB port of the charging cable into the Micro USB slot on the product, and plug the USB port of the other end of the charging cable into the USB charger or other USB charging port (requires a charger of 5V1A or higher);

3. The indicator light is red when charging, and the indicator light is blue when full.

4. Unplug the charging cable after fully charged.

– It is recommended that you shoulld trim the long or sharp fingernails of the pets firstly if it is the first time to use, but not too much so that avoid bleeding.

– For pets’ safety, the duration should be 5 seconds at most, and you are supposed to timely adjust the polishing angle.

– Please do not clean the grinding head with water, alcohol and other liquids.

– Don’t wear your nails with it, because the power is too strong for human nails.

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