L+Trykkregulator V300/V333, Lava

199,00 kr

Trykkregulator – ideelt for sensitive og myke produkter!
Passer best til V300P da den slipper opp vakuumtrykket automatisk!

Lava Vacuum Pressure Control L+Vacuum Sealer Bags
For softening the vacuum – perfect for sensitive products

Features & Advantages

Delivery: 1 piece
The vacuum can be set exactly from maximum down to low pressure of -0.2 bar
no regulation to stop button or «early manual sealing» as often at other makes
Perfect for products such as bread, vegetables, smoked fish, fruit, etc.
Sauces and soups should always vacuum packed in a container
Also ideal for sensitive products in the commercial sector

Available accessorie for the vacuum sealer models V.100 to V.200. In models V.300 to V.500 already standard. We highly recommend this accessory for the Lava Vacuum Packager V.300 to V.500, since at this models the set pressure can be read from the manometer.

The pressure control can indeed retrofitted easily in all previously purchased Lava vacuum devices (V.100 / V.200 / V.300 / V.333) .

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