Artikkelnr.: 181N

Diamantbryne med Lærstropp, Grov / Ekstra Fin

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SHARPAL 181N BUDDYGUARD™ Dual-Grit Diamond Sharpener with Leather Strop is excellent for sharpening even the hardest steel blades and works best on hunting knives, tactical knives, everyday pocket knives and tools edge. Industrial monocrystalline diamond is electroplated in nickel onto a stainless steel base. With industrial precision flat, hard wearing surface and durable design, it guarantees consistent, even sharpening for years of dependable use. It is double-sided with both coarse and extra fine diamond surfaces. Use the coarse side 325 grit (45 micron) to quickly and easily restore a dull or damaged edge. Use the extra fine side 1200 grit (9 micron) to hone. Sharpen dry. No messy oil needed. Leather sheath can act as leather strop putting the polished finish on edges. 6.6ft. / 2m paracord wraps around the open-frame handle for comfortable grip and can be removed and used for a variety of survival tasks if needed.

  • Durable monocrystalline diamonds coated full tang stainless steel
  • Coarse 325 grit (45 micron) for quick edge setting
  • Extra fine 1200 grit (9 micron) for honing
  • Leather sheath can act as leather strop putting the polished finish on edges
  • 6.6ft. / 2m paracord for survival tasks
  • Sharpen dry. No messy oil needed
  • Overall measures 8.35 in. L x 1.3 in. W; Sharpening surface 4.17 in. L x 0.88 in. W / 10.6cm L x 2.2cm W”