Viltkjøleskap LANDIG LU11000 Premium Stainless-Steel

Artikkelnr.: SG11000P

Skapet som med sine innvendige 2,32cm takhøyde egner seg til voksen hjort. Dette er alle hjortejegeres drøm. Leveringstid er ca 16 dager fra bestilling og forhåndsbetaling. Kontakt oss for totalpris levert rett hjem på døra.

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Additional information LU 11000 Premium:


  6th generation - stainless steel refrigerator Wild LU 11000 Premium

New 2019er Model, yet high-quality equipment + more!

The ideal model for deer ( internal height 2320 mm)

Professional cooling machine with LWS-Tronic control as standard
- Stainless steel ceiling or side wall cooling
- Powerful LaPlus ventilated refrigeration
- In less than 20 minutes, the empty appliance reaches the temperature
- Electronic LWS-Tronic control as standard
- Cooling capacity: 700 watts (power consumption: only about . 2.1 KWh / 24 hrs * )

- temperature range: 0 to +15 ° C, adjustable
- voltage 230 V
- plug-in execution
- Fully automatic condensate evaporation + overflow

Dimensions and details
- note Delivered disassembled, so it will fit through any door!
- Exterior: 900 x 900 x 2790 mm (height ceiling chiller)
                900 x 900 x 2490 mm (height without ceiling chiller)
- Center: 800 x 800 x 2320 mm (TT)

Please note :
The device´s external width at 90 degrees with the door open is 910 mm

Surface door design and adjustable feet
- Surface: device inside and outside completely of stainless steel
- The smooth surface very easy cleaning
- doors inside and outside stainless steel
- door opening DIN left or DIN right
- standard with magnetic door seal
- with sturdy door handle and lock

NEW the premium model:
- Cleaning Drain outlet hose connection +
- Feet stainless steel, about 5 per cm high and adjustable
- comes disassembled, so it will fit through any door
- shipment installation by quick-screw system. a few minutes possible!

Landig Tested by the trade press

Stainless steel tubular track system as standard
- 2 stainless steel professional tubular track installations inside about 2 x 750 mm Length
- Overall Length: 1 x 1000 mm with chain for the ceiling, for load transfer
- carrying capacity of the pipe rail system: 250 kg / m

Additional options at extra cost :
Option 1:   Matching stainless steel welding cavity
Option 2:   refrigerator on the left side panel
Option 3:   refrigerator on the right side wall
Option 4:   shelving system with 3 shelves (New: Stand shelf!)

Important note: The device is without wild / meat delivered!

* Measured at a set temperature of + 7 ° C and a space-ambient temp. of +14 ° C