Flip-Target Xtreme 1200

Artikkelnr.: FTX1200

Blink som "Flipper" ved treff, beregnet for kaliber 22LR.

PrisNOK449,00 inkl. mva.



This model is designed for caliber .22 firearms of all types. With an impact area diameter of 80 mm the shooter can hit the target from a shorter distance of 7 meters with a pistol, as well as from a longer distance with rifles and other guns of medium to long range.

Caliber for use
Safety distance: 7 m / 23 ft.
Impact area height: 26 cm / 10,25 in.
Impact area diameter: 80 mm / 3,15 in.
High-resistance material: AR500 Steel
Approximate weight: 1 kg / 2,2 lb.
Available colors: FT Yellow
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