Fluna Tec GunCleaner Løpspasta

Artikkelnr.: REGCL0050240

Løpsrengjøringspasta fra Fluna Tec

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Fluna GunCleaner

High performance barrel cleaning paste

Fluna GunCleaner is a high performance barrel cleaning paste for all firearms.
Fluna GunCleaner removes powder residue, lead, copper and tombac from all sorts of barrels.


50 ml
Art-Nr.: REGCL0050240

Areas of application

For the quick, mechanical cleaning rifled barrels and smooth bores of rifles, pistols and revolvers. Do not apply on burnished or otherwise treated metal surfaces, plastic or wood.


  • Easy handling
  • Cleans effectively
  • Quick results
  • Safe for the barrel steel


Soak clean felt wad in Fluna GunDegreaser or conventional degreaser and pull it through the barrel. Then use a second clean felt wad to evenly apply Fluna GunCleaner on the inside of the barrel and allow to take effect for about ten minutes - without letting it dry! The next step is to remove metal greases with a bronze brush from the chamber outwards. Use cleaning rod duct! Remove remainders of cleaning paste with Fluna GunDegreaser from the barrel and finally treat it with Fluna GunCoating. Store the can cool and dry.