Pro Shot Pull Trough Tactical Pussesett cal .30

Artikkelnr.: PTK30

Pussesett fra Pro Shot med stang i bøyelig plast (som en pussesnor), tar liten plass i sekken og er et must når man ferdes til fjells eller er utenlands på jakt.

TilbudNOK399,00 Førpris:NOK499,00 Rabatt -20% inkl. mva.


The Pro-Shot Tactical Gun Cleaning System is a pull-through cleaning system that uses a cable with separate jag and brush ends. The specially designed pull-through jag ensures the patch will stay in place while cleaning. This kit provides for the same versatility as a cleaning rod but in a smaller, more portable package. Kit comes with pull cable, oil, detachable handle, bronze bore brush, jag, patches, and carrying case