Talon QR - Rembøylesett

Artikkelnr.: TAL-79410

1" reimbøylesett. Bøyler + skruer. Svart

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The TALON™ Sling Swivel features an all-metal, one-piece body that prevents the swivel from touching the firearm, when a sling is properly installed. This no wire, no plastic construction ensures optimal strength in every component of the swivel. Strength and security are further enhanced with a stainless steel spring that locks the swivel to standard swivel bases. Minimum tolerance manufacturing and machine-finished surfaces make the TALON™ attractive and quiet in the field, while the Q/R™ feature permits the quick release from and installation onto a firearm. the TALON™ is available in 1” and 1¼” and is Guaranteed*Forever.