Reimbøyler, QR Nikkel. 1″, Boonie Packer

199,00 kr

Boonie Packer Quick Release rembøyler.

Farge: Nikkel.
Bredde: 1″.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But no one’s been able to copy the ruggedness or quickness of Safari Swivels. And, we have no plans to sell the patent rights.

The chief difference between Safari Swivels and the other guys’ swivels is that ours are a breeze to attach and detach.

Our patented, totally-automatic locking system can’t come undone accidentally (a big advantage over other swivels). The loop is made of continuous steel not a piece of bent wire. So it’s guaranteed not to pull out or squeak….ever.

Safari Swivels are made in the USA. And, we make them to the highest possible standards using only the strongest, most durable materials. And, we finish them in a traditional blue or in a handsome nickel.

Guns with quick-detachable swivel bases deserve the strength and quality of the Safari Swivel.


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