Slip-on Recoil Pad Kit 2.0 Brun, Beartooth

329,00 kr

RECOIL PAD KIT 2.0 in Brown.

Beartooth’s Recoil Pad Kit 2.0 is by far the best way to eliminate hard-hitting recoil and properly fit your gun. The stretchy slip-on neoprene sleeve fits nearly all gunstock sizes and works excellent with both shotguns and rifles. Simply insert foam into sleeve and pull on – no more gunsmithing. Rubber backing keeps the hi-density inserts in place – which are constructed of closed cell foam, known for its exceptional high energy absorption properties. The various insert sizes can be used interchangeably to precisely achieve your desired cushioning level. Offers a superior fit and feel versus rubber slip-ons. Also great for gun fit, easily adjust length-of-pull. Another key feature in the improved 2.0 version is the angled opening, which allows for convenient swivel stud access. By reducing recoil, Beartooth’s RPK can assist in eliminating shoulder fatigue while improving your shooting accuracy. Shot after shot, the Recoil Pad Kit gets it done.

Greatly improves shooting comfort and accuracy
Easily slips over existing recoil pad, no gunsmithing or drilling
Reduces recoil by 40%
Rubber backed fabric grips to wood or synthetic stocks
Stretchy neoprene fits a large range of stock shapes and sizes
4 sizes of inserts for increased versatility
Angled opening for easy swivel stud access

Construction: Heavy-duty neoprene body and thread, reinforced seams

Sizing & Fit: One size fits most. Intended to fit snug, rubber back prevents slipping. Accommodates butt plates up 5″ in height and 1.875″ in width. Does fit women and youth firearms but may not be as snug.

Each RPK 2.0 includes: (1) neoprene cover and (4) sizes of pads for versatility and adjustment: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″

Origin: ?USA Made

Item Code: RPK900

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