Smokai Oppladbar Li-ion Batteripumpe

599,00 kr


The perfect solution to take your Smokai Smoke Generator «off-grid». Whether camping, boating, beaching, tail gating or just backyard smoking where the mains outlet is a bit far to reach, the Smokai portable air pump opens up a range of new possibilities when matched with your Smokai Smoke Generator.

Sporting a powerful 3350 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the air pump provides over 20 hours of smoking time on one charge. Re-charging is quick using the supplied USB cord.

Unlike the Smokai mains powered pump which can be adjusted to change to the volume of smoke from your smoke generator, the Li-Ion pump provides a constant volume of smoke.

Compatible with all Smokai Smoke Generator models, the smoking time varies greatly depending on the Smoke Generator and wood type being used.

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