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NEXTORCH UT51 Red-Blue Flashing Warning Bracelet.

Modell Våpenloftet!

The NEXTORCH UT51 is a dynamic, lightweight safety bracelet designed to significantly enhance visibility and safety. This versatile safety device features five distinct lighting modes, including Red Flashing, Blue Flashing, Red & Blue Flashing, Red Light, and Blue Light. Designed for practicality, the UT51 boasts a slap bracelet design, allowing for easy attachment to wrists, arms, ankles, or other cylindrical objects. This feature is especially useful for roadside safety and emergency scenarios. The UT51 can also be utilized with traffic cones, serving as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional barricade warning lights.

The UT51’s design prioritizes portability and ease of use, weighing only 38g with batteries, and can be compactly rolled up when not in use. Its translucent fabric construction provides 360-degree visibility, enhancing safety during both daytime and nighttime use.

Technical Specifications:
Modes: Red Flashing- Blue Flashing – Red & Blue Flashing – Red Light – Blue Light
Max Runtime: 6 hours (constant red)
Impact Resistance: 2 meters
Dimensions: 348 mm x 36 mm x 10 mm
Battery: 150mAh Li-ion battery
Weight: 38 g

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