Fluna Tec GunDegreaser Liquid

Artikkelnr.: CRGD100001

Spesialavfetting/kaldavfetting Dryppflaske 100ml.

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Fluna GunDegreaser


Special degreaser & cold cleaner

Fluna GunDegreaser is a special cleaner and degreaser for removing oils, fats, waxes etc.

Fluna GunDegreaser also removes powder deposits, gunshot residues, dust, hand sweat and much more. Fluna GunDegreaser can be used either manually or with an ultrasonic bath.


100 ml
Art-Nr.: CRGD100001



  • Cleans residue-free and degreases at the same time
  • Simple use, does not harm rubber and plastics





Apply the GunDegreaser onto the respective area and spread with a dry cloth. All oils and fats will be removed instantly and without residue. Repeat the application several times if necessary.


Cleaning of barrels

Clean the barrel from power residue and moisturise it before applying Fluna GunCleaner (barrel cleaning paste). Use Fluna GunDegreaser for that. Soak clean felt wad in Fluna GunDegreaser and pull it through the barrel from the chamber outwards. After the use of Fluna GunCleaner (barrel cleaning paste) and the removal of the metal greases with a bronze or brass brush the barrel should be swiped with Fluna GunDegreaser from the chamber outwards until there are no more remainders of dirt on the felt wad. Only then the barrel is at the same time degreased and can be re-coated with Fluna GunCoating.


Cleaning of rifle and pistol parts

Apply Fluna GunDegreaser on the dirty surface and let it take effect for a short while. Then remove the soiling with a brush if necessary and remove with a cloth. After the cleaning the surface is at the same time degreased and ready for the coating with Fluna GunCoating. Fluna GunDegreaser does not harm polishes, rubber or cast.


Do not use on aluminium or oiled stocks!!